The GROGZINE – Virtually delivered!

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It was officially launched at GROGMEET 2016… and now it is virtually yours!

The 100 hard copies of the first annual GROGZINE have been released into the wild. They are appearing in the nooks and crannies of the globe. They’re popping up on podcasts and appearing on  timelines.

You can get a PDF of the ‘zine by supporting the podcast at Patreon. A new ‘zine is planned for next year and new goals for the campaign will be updated in early 2017.

The podcast will always be free, but the tips cover the overheads, help us seek out new material and allow us to develop other related projects.

The ‘zine includes:

  • Great artwork from Russ Nicolson and Mark Laming
  •  A special Open Box featuring the GROGMEET games masters remembering Star Wars (WEG), Shadowrun, Boot Hill and GangBusters
  • Judge Blythy with the first instalment of The Armchair Adventurer’s Memoir
  • Ed in the dwarf-coverShed scrap-booking Call of Cthulhu
  • @dailydwarf poking in the corners of White Dwarf’s small ads
  • An exclusive RuneQuest short story by Justin Hill (his novel Viking Fire was a Times Book
    of The Year 2016)
  • A FATE accelerated scenario set in the world of Jerry Cornelius
  • Dirk the Dice talking bobbins about a PBM he played back in the day


PLUS – a special appearance of someone very special.

All this AND the collected works of @dailydwarf

It has been a real labour of love for The Armchair Adventurers and we are grateful to our contributors for making it happen.

Now, let’s start planning the next one!



Dissecting Worlds – Gygax vrs Stafford



I was a guest on The Dissecting Worlds podcast talking bobbins about Gary Gygax and Greg Stafford and their differing approaches toward role-playing games and how they influenced the development of the hobby.

Highlights include:

  • Poor old Branwell Bronte, once again, his role as at the Grandfather of role-playing has been air-brushed from history
  • Some missed opportunities to get some ‘cobblers’ gags in about Gary Gygax
  • A scurrilous play-ground, origin story for Glorantha
  • The great Pendragon Campaign discussed
  • A fluffed chance to promote the GROGNARD files (I was getting tired)

Thanks to Kehaar and Matt for the invitation.

I sound a bit like a foaming at the mouth RUNEQUEST zealot. The views may not be my own, they may be a pint of Hobgoblin’s.


My contribution to Grogzine #1: Star Wars RPG, West End Games

Asako Soh - speaking to the kami

Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. 1st edition, 1987, West End Games.


We didn’t go on holiday when I was growing up, and there were no gaming shops in my town.  A trip to the exciting metropolis of Birmingham, and the delights of Games Workshop and Virgin Megastore, offered the rare outlet for my RPG addiction (now serviced all too easily by Kickstarter and on-line stores).  However, in 1987 I found myself as a teenager on a somewhat surprising and surreal holiday – a trip to York to the see the recently opened Jorvik Viking museum, but with my mum, sister, and my former infant school teacher and her husband.  Wild times.  I recall a dingy B+B, with all my family in one room, and a bathroom shared with the other guests on the rest of the floor.  In addition to the stomach-churning smells of the museum (is it still…

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Episode 9 (Part One) Imagine Magazine (Paul Cockburn)

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We have been hard at work producing the GROGNARD files fanzine for Patreon backers. There are still a few hard copies available for new $3.50 backers. They are limited. Once they’re gone they’re gone. PDFs are available for download for $1 backers from 21st November.


Blythy joins me in the attic to look at some of the issues of IMAGINE in our collection.

I will be running the Luther Arkwright adventure THE FIRE OPAL OF SET at Convergence in Stockport on 18th March 2017.


We are pleased to join Paul Cockburn, editor of Imagine, and he talks about his gaming experiences and how Imagine got off the ground.

He’s back in the next part looking at specific features of the magazine.


@dailydwarf reflects on CRITICAL MASS and Dave Langford’s contribution to White Dwarf and the SF literary hinterland.


DM Mike from Save or Die podcast, asks a sensory Pelinore question …


The Collected @dailydwarf – a Thank You

As the GROGNARD files ‘zine begins to land for UK Patreons, here’s @dailydwarf on volume one of his Collected Works

The @DailyDwarf Blog

If you’re a listener to The Grognard Files podcast (and if not, why not?!), you’ll know that Dirk the Dice is kind enough to read out my ramblings about the RPG heyday of White Dwarf magazine.

Well, with the recent publication of The Grognard Files ‘zine, Dirk’s generosity went one step further; he also released ‘The Collected @dailydwarf’ supplement, compiling a number of those early contributions: a Black Sun-style insert to the main ‘zine. The layout and production quality are excellent, so I’d like to offer a big thank you to Dirk and Ed.

There’s another thank you I need to make though, and that’s to Marc Laming.


Marc produced a simply stunning cover for ‘The Collected @dailydwarf’ – every time I look at it, I’m blown away. It’s just beautifully composed – cool, clear lines, with the monochrome evoking the illustrations from White Dwarf’s past. I think…

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GROGMEET 2016 – The Movie

I had a great time at GROGMEET 16. It was such great fun to meet fantastic people and play games together. It was a revelation to @dailydwarf, Blythy, Eddy and myself to realise that actual real people were listening to the bobbins on the podcast. Thanks to everyone involved, especially the great GMs that took part, many of whom had very pressing ‘real life’ pressures to deal with as well as providing the entertainment for the day.

Special thanks too to Big Jack Brass, Cris Watkins and Andrew Smith who encouraged me to do it in the first place!

Before we think about GROGMEET 17, we need to have a brew and a Hob Nob. Don’t we?

GROGMEET 2016 – On Saturday !


There are more tickets now available for GROGMEET in Manchester on 12th November. If you want to experience the very best in Old School RPG gaming (with a modern twist) then sign up. You’ll also get a free the GROGNARD files ‘zine to take home as a souvenir!

There’s a few places available on the D&D 5th edition game, Boot Hill and Star Wars (WEG). In the morning there’ll be board games too. A variety of pick up and play games as well as old favourites such as BattleCars and The Sorcerers Cave. The boardgames session will be hosted by our friends at

You’ll find more information on the GROGMEET tab on the home page – including a link to  UK Role Players forums to ask any questions.


Ramblers … get ramblin’