Starburst Memories: Tired of reality?

This is where it all started …

The Dirk Malcolm Alternative

You might consider that you wasted your youth. Perhaps you spent it shooting pool in some smoky hall, locked in your bedroom playing the guitar or just partying hard when you should have been studying.

That is not a waste. That is not even the beginning of a waste. When others were developing the ability to win a few quid hustling in a local bar, to lead a sing-a-long at a barbecue or just to speak to the opposite sex, what I got for my endeavors was a wizard with a frost wand.

Yes, I spent my youth playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Mark Barrowcliffe, The Elfish Gene – Dungeons, Dragons and Growing Up Strange.

Starburst 41 Cover011

After months of trawling through ebay I have managed to secure a copy of Starburst 41 from December 1981. I like to call it The White Rabbit issue as it lured me down a hole…

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