Grogmeet Gangbusters: The Nefarious Nine

If you’ve not got your ticket for GROGMEET yet — do it soon — they’re going fast. Maybe THIS will help you make your mind up!

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I am both honoured and privileged to have been asked to run a game at the inaugural Grogmeet . As the excellent Grognod Files organising the convention is all about games from ‘back in the day’ which for this old fart is the 1980s I have decided to run Gangbusters TSR’s game of the roaring 1920s.

As a convention game requires a tight focus this is a heist scenario. As I love the Dirty Dozen and Suicide Squad (which I was reading back in the day) with G-Men using Cons to do their dirty work.

1933… G-Men celebrate the nabbing of notoriousPublic Enemy Number One Al Capone for tax evasion. Meanwhile in Lakefront City frustrated Federal Agents strike upon using cons to rob Al Tolino’s crooked books fromunder theCity Kingpin’s nose while he hosts his daughters wedding at the swanky mob-owned Lexington Hotel.

I have borrowed desire and dramatic poles…

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3 thoughts on “Grogmeet Gangbusters: The Nefarious Nine

    1. Great! Looking forward to seeing you there! I’ll release the sign-up a couple of months before the event (to Patreons first). There’s still some more games to be arranged. Watch this space!

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