Episode 7 (Part 2) Tunnels and Trolls RPG




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We return to ‘blast away the fiends of boredom’ with another T&T episode. This time we are joined by Big Jack Brass, Jon Hancock.

0.15 Introduction. We had feedback from non-other than Ken St Andre himself…

4.05 Open Box. Jon talks about his early life in role playing and why he was drawn to T&T.

24.04 Actual Play. Jon is the GM for Monsters! Monsters!, where the ill-kin are the heroes.

You’ll find more from the Whartson Hall gaming group at UK Roleplayers forums.

34.01 Gamesmasters Screen. Why is T&T so good? Jon counts the ways.

1.17 Actual Play. Blythy joins Dirk for a solo game and a reluctant example of actual play.

1.31 Postbag. Feedback and thank you to new Patreons.

7 thoughts on “Episode 7 (Part 2) Tunnels and Trolls RPG

  1. I just finished listening to this episode! Your tales and perspectives made me genuinely laugh with delight. So much that Jon and you remark on as clever or innovative? It just seemed natural to us at the time, not crazy deliberate schemes, just trying to make things that were fun. Yet it worked for you and others, evidently. So strange to see one’s work from someone else’s perspectives. So very very cool, too.

    And no, only Ken is a retired pensioner. I work as a full time freelancer, as does Crompton, and Bear remains with his long-time employer. I listen to a lot of podcasts while slaving away at the art table (as was the case today), but I don’t think I’ve grinned so much or been so happy to be listening since I first discovered Welcome to Night Vale. (Consider that high praise.)

    Thank you, thank you for all your kind words, your insights, and for sharing your perspective. I feel honored and delighted to have had a part of making something wonderful in your lives… even if it took a few *cough*decades*cough years to become apparent. Cheers! And thank you.

  2. Hey Dirk,

    Good show as always. I played T&T back in the early 80s, and it was my second FRPG after Holmes Basic D&D/AD&D. It was fun, though only one of our group had the rules….which unlike you guys was a rarity in our circle. It was fun, but the light-heartedness got to us in a negative way, so it was back to D&D.

    BTW, I tried emailing you a queston to the gmail account you give on the show, but it keeps bouncing for me. Could you give it as a contact on the website?

    DM Mike
    Save or Die Podcast

    1. Hey DM Mike,

      Great to hear from you again. Pleased that you’ve enjoyed our T&T coverage.

      I’m looking forward to listening to your latest episode about IMAGINE and Pelinore. Our forthcoming November episode has an interview with Paul Cockburn, the editor of IMAGINE. Your pod will make a great companion piece.

      The email is dirkthedice@gmail.com – I’ll add it to the contacts.

  3. Phun Phact: It was in a Tunnels & Trolls advertisement that the term “Fantasy Role Playing Game” was first coined. D&D was trying to protect it’s property, so you couldn’t say “D&D style game” and there wasn’t another term for it. So they had to invent one.

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