The Complete White Dwarf Open Box Index

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Ever wondered in which issue White Dwarf reviewed Nomad Gods? Or who only gave Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes a measly score of 4? And when did Open Box notoriously review itself? Well, wonder no more.

This is an index of every product reviewed in the Open Box column of White Dwarf magazine, from issue #1 to issue #93, Sorcerer to Chase. Each entry lists the name of the product, the publisher, the type of the product, and the name of the reviewer (with their overall score out of ten if available).

[From issue #94, Open Box became Marginalia – this featured not so much reviews as adverts for Games Workshop-only products. After a while this struck even Games Workshop as a bit of a waste of time, and finished in issue #100. I haven’t included these entries.]

Issue Product Publisher Type Reviewer (Score)
1 Sorcerer SPI Wargame Rob Thomasson…

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