Episode 13 – Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes (with Jon Hancock)


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INTRO 00:05

By a strange quirk of fate, Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes has suddenly become available as a PDF from Drive Thru RPG.

We’ve had another five star review on iTunes, this time it’s from Baz, of The Smart Party podcast.

OPEN BOX 05:30

Dirk returns to Whartson Hall to visit Big Jack Brass, our Flying Buffalo correspondent. He talks about his twitter hash tag #overlookedrpgs and provides a potted history of MSPE.


Following the Top Secret episode, we’ve had some correspondence from DM Mike from the new old-school podcast Save for Half.

Dirk talks about Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and Blythy introduces Spooks.


Wearing the wig this episode is the locum Judge Big Jack Brass, looking at the ins and outs of the MSPE rules.

OUTRO 01:23:00

Jon will be appearing on Desert Island Dungeons very soon

The GROGNARD Files 2017 annual fanzine and The Collected Daily Dwarf are now available on Drive Thru RPG.

Dirk gives news of the next ‘zine and thanks new Patreons. Why not join.

4 thoughts on “Episode 13 – Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes (with Jon Hancock)

  1. Today I mostly listened to the Grogpod sitting in a forest with dogs.
    Really loving the Starburst Memories section – weirdly more relevant points about gaming because you’re talking about films. Really insightful discussion on the difference between what works in games and what works in films. Some of my most disappointing gaming experiences have been when someone is desperate to recreate a favourite film or novel.

  2. PS I note you are looking for 80’s fanzines? I have the following, wait up, I’ll just download the details off my phone.
    Sorry, some of them may be 70s, and the layout has gone all to heck…
    Apologies for desperately incomplete nature of list, so many casualties of travelling about in my twenties. I am sure that those that survived deserved to do so : – (

    Amulet 1
    Aslan 6-8
    Pig Person 2, Ramblings of Madmen, Southern Provinces
    Balrog Banter 3
    Beholder 2-5,7-15,17-21,24-25, Glossary of Magic, Fantasie Scenarios
    Black Freighter 1
    Black Rider 2,4
    Brick in the Face 1
    Cerebreton 1,6-7
    Dagon 15-16,18/19,22-25,27
    Dead Elf 6
    Deadend 1
    Demon’s Drawl 10-13
    Dig My Dogma 1
    Doombook of Chaos 5-7,9
    Dragonlords 5,7-19
    Drunk &Disorderly 17
    Fantasy Herald 1-3
    Fat Knite 4
    Impaler 2,7
    Intellect Devourer 6-7
    Ivory Tower 6
    Journal of the SCS 7-15
    Miser’s Hoard 5
    Mystic Crystal 2
    Pandemonium 20
    Perfidious Albion 49
    Quasits &Quasars 3-10
    Read Pheasant Throughout 1-2
    Snotrag 1
    Starquester 5-6
    The Adventurer 3
    Thunderstruck 5
    Tobacco Road 5
    Tome of Horrors 1,5
    Underworld Oracle 2
    Utter Drivel 1,14-15

  3. Amongst my other dubious game related achievements, I also worked for Flying Buffalo (Chris Harvey Games) but – and I hang my head in shame – never acquired MSPE.

    I loved this episode (as I have all the other for that matter) and this very morning I managed to ‘bag’ the boxed set and every supplement apart from ‘Raid On Rajallapor’.

    In fact, I am going back to listen to the episode again in a coffee fuelled nostalgia frenzy.

    Thanks and keep up the excellent work.

    Mark H

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