Reflections on RPGing in 2017

Asako Soh, a veteran GROGSQUADer, reflects on a year of gaming

Asako Soh - speaking to the kami

Where to start… perhaps with overall impressions and then a bit more of a detailed breakdown.  Personally, job-wise, I’m in a better place that I was this time last year when I was uncertain as to how my post might be configured in 2017, and how my role might be changing.  Getting a new position early in 2017 has helped remove a lot of anxiety and am enjoying the role since having started in August.  This has also cut down on commuting and on-call duties, but can occasionally be busier with longer days, and trips away for conferences.


From a gaming perspective, I feel like I’ve done a little less than in 2016.  This perception is most likely due to the fact that two once-weekly on-line gaming groups weren’t as active this year, but there have been other opportunities.  Themes from 2016 revolved around playing lots of FFG Star Wars…

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