Fanzine ScrapBook: SuperHeroUK

The world looks down on role-play gamers and the world of role-play gamers looks down on Super Hero role-play gamers.

Simon Burley makes this comment in Part Two of the interview that I did for the GROGNARD files episode 20 (currently in production).

I’m not sure if it’s the case that the RPG hobby has a complete downer on supers, but it is a niche within an already niche hobby that needs to fight its own corner against the opposition of the available alternatives. This activism probably accounts for the longevity of GOLDEN HEROES in the hearts of its fans; despite it’s relatively short shelf-life, there are enough supporters out there to ensure its continuation in the form of it’s most recent, wholly rewritten iteration Squadron UK. 

Since producing the podcast about GOLDEN HEROES, I’ve become aware of the enthusiastic fans that have been the driving force behind sustaining active interest in the game, for example, Steve Race and Kevin Rolfe host a podcast SQUADRON CHATTER which is the unofficial podcast of Squadron UK. It’s currently on an hiatus, but episodes are still available to enjoy. There’s examples of actual-play as well as progress reports on Kevin’s ambition to revise and update the supplements for GOLDEN HEROES. They also tell the story of a mythical project that was promised but never produced: “The Lancelot Caper” is mentioned by Pete Tamlyn in passing in a White Dwarf article but disappeared until it was uncovered by Kevin. 

Steve and Kevin’s interest was maintained through Yahoo Groups, which connected them to others who still had an interest in the game and developing a ‘back story’ and rationale for the GOLDEN HEROES universe. Back in the eighties, Simon Burley encouraged a like-minded team of Super RPG fans to develop scenarios and articles for his fanzine Superhero UK. He produced the first few before it had a life of its own and continued for 20 issues. 

It’s thanks to the fans that the game continues to Sunday Punch above its weight: “It’s Clobberin’ Time!

Thanks to Duane Woolley and Graham Kinniburgh for sharing some sample covers and pages from their collection.

Superhero UK 1.jpg


Superhero UK 2.jpg


Superhero UK 18.jpg

Pages 1.jpg

Superhero UK 6.jpg

Pages 2.jpg

Superhero UK 15.jpgSuperhero UK 16.jpg


Superhero UK 20.jpg

7 thoughts on “Fanzine ScrapBook: SuperHeroUK

  1. O god! I remember being involved in the playtest of The Lancelot Caper as Kaleidoscope. I’d forgotten the scenario didn’t see the light of day. Pete Tamlyn ran an excellent superhero campaign using the Golden Heroes rules, worth the trek to Aylesbury from London each month. I was gutted when the high-ups told me to stop running GH stuff in White Dwarf.

  2. Wow. Those pictures have left me speechless and nostalgic for material i’ve never seen before. It’s a shame these aren’t floating around in PDF because they look amazing. I like to think of our scrappy little Squadron Chatter podcast as a spiritual successor to these fanzines. Motivated purely by our love for a niche within a niche genre. Thank you so much for turning the spotlight on Golden Heroes and for posting these images. I’ll be staring at them for days.

  3. Some of us would sell a child for copies of those…

    Obviously not one of mine, theres loads running around, no one would miss one. Anyway, a pdf of these would be awesome…

  4. I worked on those first few issues of SHUK, Did spot illo’s (that Spearhead is mine), even did a set of cardboard heroes. I didn’t realise it lasted so many issues, I guess whoever took over editing didn’t like my work!

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