The Armchair Adventurers

The Armchair Adventurers are small FRPG group that meet monthly in Bolton. We first got together thanks to a ‘small ad’ in WHITE DWARF in 1983.

Armchair Adventurers

We got back together in 2010 to play Call of Cthulhu Masks of Nyarlathotep monthly for 3 years. Playing again reignited our passion for RPGs, so we returned to some more classic campaigns from our teenage years: Runequest BORDERLANDS, Traveller ADVENTURE, Runequest GRIFFIN MOUNTAIN and Call of Cthulhu FUNGI FROM YUGGOTH.

Our interest began to shift towards what had happened to RPGs during our period away from the hobby. Therefore we have explored RUNEQUEST 6, NUMENERA and NIGHT’S BLACK AGENTS.


5 thoughts on “The Armchair Adventurers

  1. I love the podcast and look forward to it every month.

    With that said, these past two episodes have focused a lot on D&D 5th ed. I really hope this trend doesn’t continue, after all this is the Grognard Files!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We’re GROGNARDs but part of the schtick is to examine how games have changed since we last played them. We’re Old School, with a hint of new. Neo-Grogs. Feet in both timelines. Next time we’ll look at T&T and the recently published T&T delux!

  2. Hi love the podcast. I was born in Norway at the early 80 so im a bit younger than you are.But still I have always preferred the simulationist rpg games . And picked ut RQ 6 a few years ago after i got a bit tired of my old favoritt game Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Where i have played 1 and 2 edition and it is one of these games that i both love and hate. But in needed new rules and a new setting. That when i found RQ6.

    I was a player for Rq 3 in the 90 but never was a gm. When i picking up the 6 edition i really got inspired to play again. I started to look in the nett for where to start on Glorantha. Its so big and intimidating. And i found you podcast after listening to the Tales of Mythic Adventure podcast.

    As a father i dont have that much time playing so part of the hobby has changed to reading rpg rules and settings. I like the whole show but my favoritt pars is Judge Blythy rule reviews. I am a fan boy :D.

    For now i have mostly played Mythical Britain and some viking age scenarios, and that is a good setting where i can use my experience as an archaeologist and commitment in the viking battle reenactment scene.

    Anyhow i hope that you could do a episode of Warhammer fantasy roleplay. From my point of view this game has a loot of element form both call of Cthulhu and runequest. And have some great scenarios.

    With friendly regard from Norway.

  3. Hello, I was searching for podcasts on Traveller and came across your 2 part podcast on iTunes. It feels like I am reminiscing with old friends as I listen to you speak. I still remember seeing Traveller sitting on a shelf at the hobby shop while my dad was shopping for RC airplanes back in 1979. The black books were sleek and mysterious. I didn’t even know what an RPG was for another year past this point when a friend introduced me to the D&D basic set. Unfortunately, I stopped playing RPGs and sold a bunch of them (Traveller, Space Opera, Living Steel, AD&D, Recon) after university in 1990 and didn’t come back to them until 2008. Recently I had the opportunity to meet Marc Miller at GaryCon 2017 last week. You can reach him at farfuture AT or his website in case you are interested. Thanks for all the awesome information! I didn’t realize that White Dwarf had so many Traveller ideas in them.

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