The GROGZINE Annual 2018 is on its way.

To get a physical copy, you’ll need to be An Honorary Member of The Armchair Adventurers (the GROGSQUAD) before the end of September 2017. If you join after that time, you’ll have access to the PDF.

The print run will be strictly limited to the total numbers of the GROGSQUAD registered on 1st October, GROGMEET attendees plus 25 contributors/review copies.

It will be launched at GROGMEET in November, then posted wherever you are in the world.

  • Monsters! Monsters! A reflection, by Ken St Andre and new art, especially created for the ‘zine, from Liz Danforth
  • The Great Pendragon Campaign in Chester by Keehar
  • Diversion – a Call of Cthulhu scenario that will fit in any campaign, from Roger Coe
  • Better Living Through Chemistry – a belt-poppin’ Judge Dredd scenario, from Alan Gairey (@dailydwarf)
  • “Whatever happened to …” Paul Cockburn and Wayne Peters
  • The GROGNARD character class – from Phil The Dice Mechanic
  • A new short story from Sunday Times ‘Best Books’ author Justin Hill
  • Open Box Reviews: Man, Myth and Magic, Paranoia, World of Darkness and Sky Realms of Jorune


GROGSQAUD members pledging $3.50 (and above) a month will also get a hard copy of THE COMPLETE DAILY DWARF Vol. 2.

A collection of essays that have been featured in the GROGPOD, including: AD&D Monsters, Critical Mass, RuneRites, Tunnels and Trolls and Dagon ‘zine.

A PDF will be available to all Patrons.


If you want to see what we did last time, The GROGZINE Annual 2017 is available on drivethrurpg along with The Collected Daily Dwarf Vol. 1. It’s ‘pay what you want’ but all proceeds collected will go towards YSDC and the great work they do.

The podcast will always be free, but the generous tips from Patreon supporters, cover the overheads, help us seek out new material and allow us to develop other related projects.


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