It was officially launched at GROGMEET 2016… and now it is virtually yours!

The 100 hard copies of the first annual GROGZINE have been released into the wild. They are appearing in the nooks and crannies of the globe. They’re popping up on podcasts and appearing on timelines.

You can get a PDF of the ‘zine by supporting the podcast at Patreon. A new ‘zine is planned for next year and new goals for the campaign will be updated in early 2017.

The podcast will always be free, but the tips cover the overheads, help us seek out new material and allow us to develop other related projects.

The ‘zine includes:

Great artwork from Russ Nicolson and Mark Laming
A special Open Box featuring the GROGMEET games masters remembering Star Wars (WEG), Shadowrun, Boot Hill and GangBusters
Judge Blythy with the first instalment of The Armchair Adventurer’s Memoir
Ed in the dwarf-coverShed scrap-booking Call of Cthulhu
@dailydwarf poking in the corners of White Dwarf’s small ads
An exclusive RuneQuest short story by Justin Hill (his novel Viking Fire was a Times Book
of The Year 2016)
A FATE accelerated scenario set in the world of Jerry Cornelius
Dirk the Dice talking bobbins about a PBM he played back in the day

PLUS – a special appearance of someone very special.

All this AND the collected works of @dailydwarf

It has been a real labour of love for The Armchair Adventurers and we are grateful to our contributors for making it happen.

Now, let’s start planning the next one!